Larry founded Sculpture Physique back in 1992. He is a PICP Certified Strength Coach and Metabolic Analytics Practitioner.

His reputation was made by getting people in the best shape of their lives in record time, done in a safe, healthy and sustainable way.

He is also known as the coaches’ coach as other fitness coaches go to him for their own training needs , knowledge, and mentorship.

He is an award winning coach with over 30 years of experience, and trained weekend warriors and athletes in all fitness categories, from amateurs to professionals (he won “FAME Trainer Of The Year Award” in both 2005 and 2006 for having the most athletes place well in competitions).

He is listed as one of the best coaches on the planet by the most successful strength coach in history, Charles R. Poliquin, and was one of only two coaches that Charles would refer clients to for bodybuilding competitions (the other being the late John Meadows).

He is also an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder himself, winning the Mr. Canada title in 2012 in the Masters division, and holds a total of 5 pro cards in 5 different fitness federations (IFBB, FAME, WNSO, Musclemania, PNBA).

Larry won the first ever FAME Pro World Championship in natural bodybuilding back in 2005, and in the couples category in 2006 along with Sylvia Tremblay, making him a two time World Champion.

He’s a professional fitness cover model landing 11 magazine covers, including the very first issue of REPS! Magazine, and Robert Kennedy’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding (front and back cover).

Larry was the only male fitness model ever to be put under a multi-year exclusivity contract by Robert Kennedy Publications, and had his own Q&A column in REPS! Magazine.

Now that he’s over 50, Larry now has over 10 years of experience at training past 40 and the challenges it involves. He now wants to redirect and focus his time and energy on coaching guys over 40 that already have a background in weight training but are unsatisfied with how they presently look and feel.

Guys that think “Damn, I thought I’d look and feel better by now”. Guys that don’t want to waste anymore of their time with bullshit advice from social media wannabe fitness experts with no track record or experience. They want results from someone who walks-the-talk, has a proven track record of getting guys in top shape in a safe and sustainable manner for the past 3 decades.

Larry likes to compare himself now to a retired elite F1 race car mechanic that, instead of helping race car drivers win championship races, now wants to focus his time and energy on restoring and improving older muscle cars to showroom condition and still super fast on the speedway.

He wants to help guys stop, and even reverse the aging process, keep their strength, look lean as f*ck, be able to play with their kids and grand-kids, and have all the confidence in the world. The two best indicators of longevity are muscle mass and muscle strength, and he want to help them live forever.

Larry is finally offering his coaching services online instead of in a gym setting, to help weightlifting guys over 40 reach their goals and finally look and feel the way they’ve always dreamed of. Making them look and feel young and vibrant again, even better than guys half their age.

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